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EUact: active learning for active European citizenship
• The eCampus University has established itself at the top of the European rankings of the Jean Monnet Projects 2017 European Union call. This is one of the calls for the Jean Monnet – Erasmus + program, which aims to stimulate training, communication and debate on the European institutions and on the continental dimension of our citizenship.

• The project is coordinated by dr. Francesco Pigozzo and has as deputy coordinator prof. Roberto Castaldi. It is an initiative of the Research Center and it exploits the many years of experience on training, research and communication on the process of European unification Prof Castalndi and Pigozzo have. CesUE, a spin-off company of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, is the main project partner. It will share the show “Europe: what a Passion!“by Daniela Martinelli and Francesco Pigozzo and it will share the technical skills necessary for the implementation of the European Awareness Days.
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Progetto EUACT